Week 6 Actions

Knowledge is Power

Kansas is leading the way in numerous things.  One such area is K-12 conservation and environmental education thanks to the efforts of one of our partners, the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE).  KACEE established the Kansas Green Schools Network in 2008 to further support teachers, schools and districts across the state in providing Kansas kids engaging, hands-on lessons around their environment.  It is the largest network of its kind in the country!  Learn more about the Kansas Green Schools Network, the check to see if your child’s school is a member.  If they are a member, give them a shout out using #SunsetZoo5050.  If not, share a post about something you learned by visiting their webpage.

Change a "Throw Away" Habit

During this time of COVID-19, it can be challenging to engage in some conservation actions.  However, we challenge you to not forgo your reusable grocery bags.  If needed, you can keep others safe by bagging your groceries at your car instead of in the store.  Don’t forget to share with other using #SunsetZoo5050 your efforts to continue protecting wildlife and wild places during these challenging times.  

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Heating and cooling costs can be one of the most expensive utility.  It also has a great impact on wildlife by increasing our individual carbon footprint.  One way you can help reduce this impact is by making sure your house is appropriately insulated.  Visit energy.gov to learn more about appropriate types of insulation and how it can save you money and help the environment.  Share your hard work on this important task using #SunsetZoo5050.

Support Wildlife

When it comes to supporting wildlife, sometimes direct action is best.  This week, we are challenging you to do just that by adding a bird house, bat house, toad abode, or something else that wildlife can use for shelter.  Here are instructions for a toad abode if your interested in this option.  Don’t forget to share using #SunsetZoo5050 on social media.

Our Purchasing Power

When buying household supplies or groceries, we are having multiple impacts on wildlife through packaging, shipping, and frequent trips to the store.  Instead of buying the small box of a staple in your house, buy in bulk instead.  Many stores have bulk options.  If they don’t have the bulk option you are wanting, talk to the store manager and see if they can help.  Share your journey in switching to bulk by using #SunsetZoo5050.