Behind the Scenes Encounters

The Ultimate Zoo Encounter

Experience Sunset Zoo in a unique and personalized way with a Behind the Scenes Encounter.  Meet a zookeeper, go on an exploration of the Zoo's vet clinic, or see what it takes to care for the diverse animal collection at Sunset Zoo.    

Exhibit Encounters

These Behind the Scenes Encounters connect you with animal exhibits at Sunset Zoo, a zookeeper, and a unique activity. Click here for more details on Exhibit Encounters.
  • Exhibit Meet & Greet | $50 non-member | $45 FOSZ member
  • The Chimpcasso Experience | $225 non-member | $202.50 FOSZ member
  • Breakfast with the Animals | $175 non-member | $157.50 FOSZ member

Animal Encounters

Go behind-the-scenes with zoo staff for an opportunity to interact with our Ambassador Animal Collection. Click here for more details on Animal Encounters.
  • Ambassador Animal Meet & Greet | $100 non-member | $90 FOSZ member
  • The Zookeeper Experience | $175 non-member | $157.50 FOSZ member

Vet Encounters

Interact with a KSU Vet Student in Sunset Zoo's veterinary clinic for a personalized experience like no other. Click here for more details on Vet Encounters.
  • Family Teddy Bear Clinic | $175 non-member | $157.50 FOSZ member
  • The Zoo Vet Experience | $175 non-member | $157.50 FOSZ member

Creating a Safe Experience

Safety concerns with animals, our staff, you and your guest(s) are always important when developing any experience. Going in with animals is rarely allowed; it may be permitted with some of our more docile animals under staff supervision but it is not permitted with dangerous animals in the collection.

Fees & Booking Information

Behind the Scenes Encounters range from $50 to $225 for up to 6 people, and they very from 1-2 hours in length. FOSZ members receive a 10% discount on all Behind the Scenes Encounters.  Fees include zoo admission.  Minimum two weeks advance notice required.

For more information or to book your Encounter, contact Tammy Jones by emailing or call 785-587-2737.