Gardens in the Zoo

In addition to the Zoo's beautifully landscaped grounds, there are several unique garden spaces. Read on to learn more and download a Zoo map to find them on your next visit.

Master Gardener's Butterfly Garden

Located along the Zoo's South American Trail on the east side of the education building, this garden features native plants that attract a variety of butterfly species. Learn more about planting your own butterfly garden.

Pat Freeman's Hummingbird Garden

Located along the Zoo's South American Trail to the east of the butterfly garden, guests can catch glimpses of hummingbirds as they flutter from plants and feed on sweet nectar.

K-State Natural Dye Garden

Led by faculty members of the Fashion Studies program at Kansas State University, the goal of this garden is to create a space that brings together KSU students, gardeners, textile enthusiasts and the broader community. 

Rain Gardens

Thanks to the efforts of K-State's Department of Landscape Architecture faculty and students, the Zoo features two rain garden spaces. Located to the north of the concession stand and along the Kansas Plains exhibits, these gardens are full of native plants and strategically designed wells that collect and temporarily hold water runoff.  The water can then slowly seep into the ground, naturally refreshing plants, recharging underground water supplies and helping to avoid erosion issues downstream. Learn more about creating your own rain garden.

Sally Hummel Wagner Memorial Garden

Sally was passionate about animals, particularly cats! Due to the Expedition Asia project, this garden has been relocated from the tiger exhibit to the upper viewing at the gibbons exhibit. Guests can enjoy bronze statues and a resting bench under the garden's shady trees.

Town & Country Garden Club's Sensory Garden

Designed to engage all the senses, this garden is located at the base of the stairs and ramp leading to the main Zoo.  Most notable is the garden's caterpillar planter feature and it's a great spot to rest during your visit.
Butterfly garden