Slumber Zzzoofaris

Snooze Among the Animals

You have never experienced camping quite like this! Take a night hike through Sunset Zoo, go behind-the-scenes to meet some of the Zoo's inhabitants, enjoy themed activities and fall asleep to a wildlife lullaby; all a part of your nighttime adventure. Slumber Zzzoofaris include: activities, evening snack, movie and continental breakfast. Guests should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, personal toiletries and lots of enthusiasm. 

Fees & Booking Information

A Zoo overnight is $450 per group (up to 15 people). Additional guests are $30 each. If your group includes children, at least one adult chaperone needs to accompany the group throughout the overnight. Adult chaperones apply towards the group total; either as one of the 15 included in the package or if your party is greater than 15 people, two chaperones will be admitted free and each additional chaperone will be charged the regular $30/person rate. 

Two weeks advance notice is required to book; subject to availability. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve a date and applies towards the final cost. To book your Slumber Zzzoofari, contact Tammy Jones by email or call 785-587-2737.

Slumber Zzzoofari Themes (choose one)

Hidden Tails

Explore the zoo from dusk to dawn while engaging in a variety of games and activities that highlight animal camouflage. We’ll experience a close encounter with some animals, play a variation of hide-and-seek and participate in other activities that test our observation skills. Keeping with the theme of the evening, everyone will try their hand at tie-dying.

South American Trek

We’ll take a close look at some of the animals found in South America, and we’ll experience a little culture through language and games. Wrapping up the evening will also include making rainsticks.

Off the Grid

Relearn what can be done that’s fun and exciting without electricity. We’ll play a variety of outdoor games while the sun is still out and after it goes down. All groups are encouraged to sleep under the pavilion for this overnight since we'll roast marshmallows in the pavilion's fireplace.

Sample Zzzoofari Itinerary

Below is a general timeline of what you can expect on your Zoo overnight! Times and activities are subject to change.
7:00pm Arrival
7:15pm Introduction Activity with the Evening's Theme
Activity typically takes place in a classroom inside the Nature Exploration Center and incorporates animal artifacts and the Zoo's animal ambassadors.
Themed Activities and Craft Project
Weather permitting, these activities take place outside; craft projects may not take place outside depending on the project.
9:00pm Night Hike
Includes tours of some behind-the-scenes Zoo locations
10:00pm Movie, Snack and Bedtime
Moves are G or PG rated, and snack is provided by the Zoo.
7:00am  Breakfast and Pack Up Supplies
A continental breakfast is provided by the Zoo.
8:00am  Morning Activity
This activity varies greatly depending on Slumber Zzzoofari theme, available animals and Zoo Keeper schedule.
9:00am Dismiss