Guided Zoo Tours

Explore Sunset Zoo with a Trained Guide

Add dimension to your group's visit through mini-activities and sensory exploration. Choose to visit featured animal residents from several of the Zoo's trails. We strongly encourage groups to allow time during their Zoo visit to fully enjoy favorite animals and to visit animal residents not highlighted during the guided tour. Two week advance notice is required.

When booking a tour, please indicate if there is a particular animal your group is interested in seeing. Due to exhibit maintenance or animal care issues, there may be some animals temporarily off exhibit during your visit.

Tour Fees & Booking Information

Minimum of 10 people are required to book a tour. Don't meet this minimum? Your group can still book this program; you'll just pay a flat rate of $30 for a basic tour or $50 for a premium tour to schedule the program. ALL tour fees are in addition to Zoo admission.

Basic Tours $3 per person + Zoo admission
Premium Tours $5 per person + Zoo admission

To book a tour for your group, contact Tammy Jones by email or call 785-587-2737. Two week advance notice is required.

Guided Tour Themes

Basic Tours | Your Choice Tours (1 hour)

An hour-long trek exploring Sunset Zoo's animal residents. Your Choice Tours allow groups to customize their experience; groups may choose three of the Zoo's five trails to focus their guided experience. Following the tour, groups have the freedom to visit the other trails at their leisure. With a minimum of two weeks advance notice, staff can also work with groups to tailor the learning objectives of the individual tour for ultimate customization.

Trail Choices (choose 3 trails for your tour):
  • Africa Trail - visit animals like chimpanzees, colobus monkeys & hyenas
  • Asia Trail - visit animals like white-handed gibbons, amur leopards & red pandas
  • Australia Trail - visit animals like emu, kookaburra & wallabies
  • Kansas Trail - visit animals like bobcats, bald eagle & prairie dogs
  • South America Trail - visit animals like giant anteater, flamingos & dart frogs

Premium Tours | Behind-the-Scenes Tours (1.5 hours)

Visit parts of Sunset Zoo not open to regular Zoo guests. Tour the commissary, the James W. Carpenter Veterinary Clinic, and the educational animal ambassador rooms.